Research Networks

To exchange information related to Gerontology and Geriatrics, to highlight the importance of these issues in the world, to set up contacts between specialists, academics, industry, health authorities, other scientific networks, IAGG built up:

  • Global Aging Research Network (GARN) dedicated to basic sciences, biological, behavioural and clinical gerontology.Experts are invited to exchange information about all types of topics related to Aging, set up contacts between professionals (specialists, academics, industry, health authorities, other scientific networks etc), and build collaborative research programs.
  • Global Social Intiative on Aging (GSIA) concerned by fostering collaborative, trans-national approaches to the creation and transfer of knowledge at the intersections of global trends and population ageing.


A dedicated website gives updated details on: membership, congress agenda, on-line publications, E-Newsletter, latest news from GARN centers, job opportunities. Research programs on clinical trails issues such as frailty, diabetes, nursing homes will be launched and editorial initiatives will be further developped. You can also upload the last GARN Newsletter.

Network Director: Dr Bruno VELLAS, Professor of Geriatrics, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Toulouse University Hospital, France


The GSIA will address critical challenges arising from these global trends including:

  • The sustainability of older rural populations who face increased poverty and out-migration of young people arising from the impact of climate change.
  • The ability of families to sustain intergenerational support in the face of poverty, pandemics, and changing family structures and beliefs.
  • Global shifts in world economies toward the individualization of risk that have led to increasing income disparities, older adults who are left behind in migratory transitions, and widening north-south divides.
  • The erosion or absence of social welfare provisions that have resulted in increasing social and economic costs of care.

Network Director: Dr Norah KEATING, Professor of Human Ecology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (


Download documents that reflects IAGG GSIA's most recent activities

A research planning meeting in Finland
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A roundtable & public lecture at the University of Western Australia, in Perth
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Download PDF
The 2013 Brazilian Longevity Forums
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Rio Declaration
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